New N100-V Large Area Air Cleaner

Our N100 model has been upgraded and improved. It is much more powerful now and at the same time works quieter than before. With its 1,750 m3 clean air blowing capacity per hour, it renews the air of a 140 m2 room with a 2.5m ceiling 5 times per hour. The noise level measured at 1 m distance is 48 dB(A) operating at maximum fan speed.

Froumann’s unique and innovative design providing air intake at breathing level enables filtration of particules in the air before descending to the ground level, thus providing a more effective air purification. N100-V blows clean air to its environment from a safe height of 180 cm.

It is Plug-and-Play, requiring no assembly. It can be moved easily thanks to its wheels.

The H14 HEPA filter captures airborne particles with an efficiency of 99.995%. Thanks to the much larger surface of the V-Module HEPA filter new N100-V provides high-level performance.

With its silencer the N100-V is designed in such a way that its noise level is extremely low even when operating at highest fan speed.

Filters particles sized 0.3 micron at a rate of 99.97%, utilizing a patented airproof design ensuring homogeneous air flow.
Captures larger particles, thus increases the performance and life span of HEPA 14 Filter.

Bilgi Al!